Marathonisi Island 

Marathonisi island, often called also the turtle island is located 2 miles from Porto Koukla Beach hotel. You can only get there by boat and is approximately 10 minutes from the hotel. Marathonisi is the place that many Caretta - Caretta turtles are visiting every year to lay and burry their eggs in the sandy beach. As approching Marathonisi island the colour of the sea is changing to a  crystal  clear turquoise with light notes of blue. On the back side there are located two beautiful natural caves and a rocky beach. There is nothing better than a refreshing dive in the sea around the island.

Ancient Olive Grove

If you are a fan of hiking, the route that's passing through the ancient olive grove will be a unique experience for you. But even if hiking is not your thing and you just want to relax and unwind, a walk through this natural monument would be a great idea to clear your mind and enjoy life.

Keri Caves

Located 3 miles away from Porto Koukla and accessible only by boat, Keri Caves are a pure gift from nature. You can enter some caves direclty by boat and admire the rocks. For the other caves that are too tight, you can get in by diving and swimming in the amazing blue sea.   


If you are coming to Zakynthos, don't miss one of the most famous beaches in the world : The Shipwreck (Navagio in Greek). In 1982, a cargo ship crashed on the rocks, at this spot. There was no beach at this time. The shipwreck created a sand beach which became famous all over the world for the beauty of its sea. 

Bohali is a small village located on the top of the hill, between Zante Town and the Venetian Castle. It is the perfect spot to enjoy your lunch, your coffee or your drink with a panoramic view of Zakynthos. 
scuba Diving
With many places to explore around the island and especially in the bay, diving and admiring the underwater world of Zakynthos would be an unforgetable experience. There are many diving centers organizing exercusions and providing the necessary equipment to live this adventure to the fullest. 
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